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Bye bye Covid, and boost your turnover.

DingDrink, an innovative way NOT to meet the covid!

With DingDrink, let your customers avoid the queues and gain a lot of time.

Register for free and start using DingDrink,

The App that let you gain a lot of time to you and your customers when you work in a Pub or Bar.

How does it work?

When you sign up, a first template of your products' catalog is created for you.

After loging in,You are able to navigate on all pages of the site.

You'll need to adapt the products' catalog to your needs by creating new products, products' categories and adapt the prices.
You can even drag and drop all entries created in the catalog's tree.
You do all this by accessing the item "Products" in the title bar."

When you are ready, do not forget to save your changes before leaving the products' page.
You then enable the catalog to your customers by clicking the button "Open Session" on the page "Open Orders".
All your customers need to do is to install the DingDrink app on their mobile (Android, IPhone will soon follow) and select your catalog.
You also may install and use the mobile app by yourself and take the orders of your customers.
You can immediately test it by registering and using DingDrink.
DingDrink is compleetly free of charge to your customers.
To install it on your smartphone, go to https://it-cs.be/dingdrink/install,
and select the latest version. Google wll give you a warning message because you don't use its play store
but it is without any danger and it doesn't use any smartphone's data (contacts, pictures ...).
If you are convinced after using it for a while, let know it.

A word about the 'Orders' pages
The 'Status' column indicates the status of the order:
  • O. Not yet processed
  • 1. Being processed
  • 2. Ready; a notification is sent to the customer
  • 3. Delivered
  • 4. Paid
So, Let's start

Click on Login & register and follow the instructions

Contact us by email for any question

We will appreciate any feedback at info@it-cs.be